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Hydraulic Impact Hammer Specifications

APE Model 10-60 Hydraulic Impact Hammer

Maximum Obtainable Energy 100,000 ft-lbs
Stroke at Maximum Energy 60 in
Rated Stroke 48 in
Energy at Rated Stroke 80,000 ft-lbs
Minimum Stroke 6 in
Minimum Energy 10,000 ft-lbs
Blows per minutes at minimum stroke 60
Blows per minute at maximum stroke 30
Total suspended weight without drive cap 30,000 lbs
Drive cap Varies with type of pile
Cushion Material Manufacturer Penn State
Cushion Material type Conbest and aluminum
Cushion Material Diameter 22.5 in
Cushion Material Elastic-Modulus 285 kips per square inch
Cushion Material Thickness 3.5 in
Cushion Material Coeff. Of Restitution .8
Operating height 16 ft
Overall width 37 in
Width for leads 32 in

APE Model 625 Power Unit

Power Unit Engine CAT 3408E DITA
Maximum Power 625 hp (466 kW)
Operating Speed 800 to 2100 rpm
Maximum Drive Pressure 4,500 psi (310 bar)
Maximum Hyd. Flow-Forward 0 to 190 gpm (779 lpm)
Maximum Hyd. Flow-Reverse 0 to 190 gpm (779 lpm)
Clamp Pressure 4,500 psi (310 bar)
Clamp Pump Flow @ 2200 rpm 10 gpm (38 lpm)
Weight 18,000 lbs (8165 kg)
Length 156 in (396.24 cm)
Width 70 in (179 cm)
Height 101 in (257 cm)
Fuel Capacity 145.4 gal (550 L)
Hydraulic Tank (main) 533.4 gal (2019 L)
Hydraulic Tank (reserve) 76.2 gal (288 L)

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Specifications may vary due to site conditions, specific hammer conditions or product set up. Specifications may change without notice.
Consult the factory for details on any specific product (800) 248-8498.

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