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Wick Drain Specifications

APE Model 200 Bottom-Drive™ Wick Drain

Static (Crowd) Force 247 kN / 27.8 US tons
Dynamic Force @ 1,650 vpm (1472 In-Lbs) 498 kN / 56 US tons
Combined Static/Dynamic Force 746kN / 83.8US tons
Operating Frequency 0 - 1,650 vpm
Suspended Weight 4889 kg / 10780 lbs
Maximum Pressure 380 bars / 5500 psi
Length 213 cm / 84in
Width 119 cm / 47in
Height 304.8 cm / 120 in

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Specifications may vary due to site conditions, specific hammer conditions or product set up. Specifications may change without notice.
Consult the factory for details on any specific product (800) 248-8498.

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