Ray Heaton, the Senior Pile driving/Bridge worker Level 3 Instructor for the British Colombia Institute of Technology generously hosted Dave Yingling, one of the APE Piledriving School Instructors for a one day APE Pile Driving Course.

This course covered an in depth review on the history of vibratory driver/extractors. A driver/extractor hydraulics and mechanics review including maintenance and operations.

The one day course also included reviews of mega pile installation using driver/extractors, bore log evaluation, in depth drivability and driver/extractor troubleshooting including specific jobsite vibratory selecting also a brief view into the present and future trends in vibratory equipment within the industry. The history of diesel hammers. Maintenance and operation of impact atomization and atomized fuel injection single acting diesels were also discussed including the basics on the differences in hydraulic impact, air and diesel hammers.

These apprentices are a “One if a kind” bunch of people who really care about learning the tools of the trade to make their job safer and more efficient.

APE is honored to have these opportunities to aid in the sharing of knowledge. As it is not our first time presenting segments of our free pile driving class for our Canadian Partners at BCIT, every time we have the opportunity to contribute, we know this generation of pile bucks including the next generation will make everyone’s job in the pile driving world a much safer, more informed and efficient one!

I would like to Thank Ray Heaton and all of the apprentices in the class for the many insightful questions. This class was a real treat for me.

For more information on APE’s Pile driving School, log on to www.apevibro.com and select Pile Driving School.

Here at APE, it’s all about the sharing of knowledge which in turn makes all of our jobs safer and more efficient.

APE is proud to have the honor to help make this happen.

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