It sounds like another plot to a science fiction movie, but there is no Godzilla written into this script. There is only the evil Ohio River, large diameter pipe piles, and many many panel walls consisting of 5 flat sheetpiles that need to be vanquished by our hero, King Kong.

APE supplied 2 King Kongs to the Olmsted Dam project that Washington Group and Alberici are joint ventured on in Olmsted, Illinois on the Ohio River. This project is the last part of the Olmsted Lock and Dam replacement. Construction of the lock was completed in a previous project phase several years ago, and is visible in one of the attached pictures.

APE has supplied 2 complete King Kongs that have special designed multi clamp systems that will enable the hammer to drive wall segments that consist of five PS27.5 flat sheetpiles at the same time, as well as several caisson beam and clamp combinations.

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