Kiewit Pacific knows how to drive sheet pile!
There is no doubt about it, when Kiewit drives a sheet wall it is beautiful.
Here on the “All American Canal Project” Kiewit shows how the art of how sheet pile walls can truly be a work of art.
Not everyone who drives sheet pile can manipulate the sheets to do what they want, but the crews working on this project have mastered the art of driving, even in the toughest conditions.
Tight sandy soil conditions on top with dense, tough driving below, make for a nightmare for contractors, but Kiewit has turned this project into a dream.
The APE 200-6 drives the sheets as deep as it can, then the sheets are followed up with a J & M 115 hydraulic impact hammer to reach the tip elevation! The perfect combo for a day in the sheet pile world.
It could be nasty, but with Kiewit on the job, teamed up with APE equipment, turned this ordinarily hard driving project into a walk in the sun!

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