In May of 1997 APE began building diesel hammers in China. We teamed up with SEMW (Shanghai Engineering Machine Works). SEMW had been manufacturing diesel hammers since 1962 and specifically Delmag hammers since 1983.

In May of 1997 Delmag Germany filed for Bankruptcy which put SEMW in a bad situation. They were making the diesel hammers but Delmag was directing the sales both in and outside of China. When Delmag’s staff left China it was APE that arrived to fill in the gap. This is when the revolution started. What revolution you say?

In May of 1997 the largest diesel hammer was the Delmag D100. The D100 has a ten metric ton ram. The “D” stands for diesel and the “100” stands for ten metric tons. When you read “D30” the “D” stands for “diesel” and the “30” stands for 3 metric tons.

The D100 was not large enough to compete with the monster hydraulic hammers being made by Menck and IHC. Nearly every big bridge job in both the USA and China was accomplished using Menck or IHC hydraulic hammers. When the San Francisco Bay bridge replacement project arrived, the hammer requirements forced American contractors to go to either Menck in Germany IHC in Holland. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. APE wanted this work so we started thinking bigger.

APE started developing larger diesel hammers. We pushed for the development of the D125 and then the D138 and then the D160 and D180.

Today we are building the D300. This is the world’s largest diesel hammer. The ram weight is, as you may have guessed, is 30 metric tons.

Here are some photos of the world’s largest diesel hammer. There are two logos on this hammer: APE and SEMW. APE and SEMW are now one. As you can see, the bore of this D300 is so big that I can fit inside the cylinder. This is a monster hammer build by Chinese with American help. American drive and know-how is teamed up with Chinese know-how to jointly develop these monster hammers for the world’s largest bridge projects.

It is our mission to lead the world in the development of diesel hammers. With the D300 there is no question that we lead. The fact is that we have been leading since May of 1997.

If you own one of our hammers then please be advised that we provide free service and check up of your hammer for as long as you own it.

Our eight branches strategically located, are fully equipment with test stands and qualified personnel to test, repair, and certify your diesel hammer. In addition, we repair all Delmag, ICE, and Pileco hammers which are all made in China.

SEMW/APE’s diesel hammer factory is the largest in the world. If you are interested in buying one of our hammers we invite you to visit our facilities in China or in Kent, Washington USA.


John L. White
President, APE

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