Mascaro Construction, Pittsburgh’s premier general contractor, was awarded the David Lawrence Convention Center Riverside Park job, which included driving steel sheeting, beams and pipe piles. In the past, Mascaro would sub out any pile driving work. But project manager Brad McKibben and Superintendent Bob Yeckel thought this would be the perfect job to self-perform. APE Northeast got the call, providing an APE 200 vibro equipped with a caisson beam, caisson clamps, and a caisson to clamp adapter. This adapter facilitates a fast swap out from a sheet clamp to a dual caisson clamp setup. LU 2235 Pile Driving foreman Bob Kerns was impressed with this set-up.

APE NE would like to thank all at Mascaro Construction for trusting APE to provide their pile equipment needs on their first self-performing pile job. Stay tuned-APE will be providing Mascaro Construction with diesel hammers on another job within a few short days. We look forward to a long, mutually rewarding relationship.

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