“Waterfront Marine” a Virginia based contractor has begun driving piles on one of the largest piledriving jobs the East Coast has ever seen. “AREVA” & “Northrop Gruman” have paired up to construct a 363.4 Million dollar state of the art facility to manufacture critical nuclear components for the ship building industry here in Newport News VA. This will consist of a 333,000 square foot building that will sit on aprox. 7,500 / each 14″ prestressed concrete piles. These piles will vary in length from 59′ to 100′ When it came time to size & choose piledriving equipment Waterfront made 1 phone call ……….. to APE Mid-Atlantic here in Virginia Beach VA. Waterfront Marine & the boys from APe put their heads togeather and decided the APE D-30-42 diesel impact hammer would be the tool of choice. We paired them with an APE Model 20 drill / auger for pre-drilling down through the trash on the top. APE’s entire staff from their engineering to their service staff are the best in the business said Bill Hall on site project manager. They are available 24 / 7 should a problem arise. Bill is directing the job from onsite cordnating equipment, pile delivery, and scheduling personel as well as saftey. Supporting the job from the office are Ken & Randy Sutton as well as Sammy Burnham filling in for Bill Hall and doing his job as well. Waterfront currently has 3 fixed leader rigs driving long days. They cut back from 4 rigs to 3 a while ago still getting good production. We wish Waterfront Marine a safe & productive job. Please call your nearest APE branch to see what we can do to help you on your current or next project. GO APE!

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