Darryl, Dan and Ray Heaton are geared up and coming to full swing in their new, top of the line facility on Annacis Island in Delta, BC. Two times a year I have the honor and great privilege to spend a day with the Local 2404 trainees and journeymen. This day’s topic was a discussion about driver/extractors and diesel hammer systems. The basic workings and operation including technical information needed in the choosing of the right equipment for the job. Every time I have this opportunity I leave very proud of both the attendance, interest piledriving and the excellent class participation. I am always amazed at the constructive questions that are asked. I know the Ray, Darryl and the rest of the group there have created an engaging atmosphere that will bring safety and knowledge to the industry.
These people are the next generation of pile bucks and bridge workers and what they bring to the industry is what people like me who live eat sleep and dream piledriving like to see. I want to offer a personal thanks to Ray, Dan and Darryl for the exemplary cooperation and patience for fitting my busy schedule into theirs.
I would never miss an opportunity join you guys in furthering the knowledge and art of piledriving for those who want to learn. You guys have a remarkable organization!

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