New Years Eve in Saint Louis, and a customer with a problem on the job site.

The Vibro from the competition was not up to the task, and Gershenson Construction was desperate for a solution as they had driven for 3 days to set the template as shown in the pics.

50’ PZC 18 driving double sheets.

The competition had no larger Vibros available, and told Gershenson Construction it would be the 8 of January before they could ship one to the job site.

A quick phone call and a quick solution.

Thanks to Joe Wright and the APE Texas Staff we were able to get a Model 300 with 630 Power Unit loaded out and on the road on New Years Eve.

Gershenson Construction was amazed that APE staff were answering the phone and sourcing equipment on a Holiday.

  • All sheet was driven to grade by the end of the work day saving Gershenson Construction a total of 6 days down time.
  • The pile bucks on the job site send APEs personnel in Texas, and in Saint Peters their regards, and we are told to be looking for more of their business in the future.
  • The folks renting the Apartments near the job site send their thanks for the larger vibro also.
  • They tell me they had two ceilings come down inside the apartment building while driving with the competitions Vibro.
  • The APE Model 300 drove to grade with absolutely no vibration to the surrounding area.
  • Thanks again Joe Wright and the Texas Crew for getting that 300 loaded out and headed to Saint Peters on New Years Eve.
  • Thanks to Willy Kirch at BTC Trucking for having a truck waiting in the Texas yard within an hour, and delivering to the Saint Louis job site on time over a holiday weekend.
  • Thanks again John White for allowing APE Saint Peters to bypass the paper work in getting this American Piledriving Equipment on location to help a new customer meet his deadline.
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