As many of you know, the APE OCTAKONG will be driving 72-foot diameter steel caissons for the world’s largest bridge – the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. A total of 130 of these giant piles will be driven to form to Islands in the South China Sea (65 for each Island). In addition to the 130 72-foot piles, 260 wing walls must also be installed to join each 72-foot pile together. APE was successful in obtaining this additional contract. We were ordered to build two Model 200-6’s and perform a drive test.

I am happy to report that two APE Model 200-6 Vibratory pile driver extractors joined together to run in Tandem have successfully driven the wing walls in the test performed yesterday. It took just 11 minutes to drive the wing wall to grade. They drove two wing walls so far and plan to drive a third for the final test. Attached is one of the most amazing photos in pile driving history showing the second wing wall as our machine is lowered on to the top.

PDF Attachments: wing wall dim, East Island


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