Citemex was hired by Walmart to improve the soils for the first Walmart ever built in a small town called Macuspana in Tabasco, Mexico.

The objective was to improve the soils by injecting concrete into the ground with a 12 m long, 600 mm diameter injection pile in order to build a 25,000 sq foot Walmart, also called Bodega Aurrera in Mexico, in a 3 months length of time.

Walmart takes pride in building their Warehouses in 3 months or less time in Mexico, and due to the difficult driving conditions (SPT: 50 bpm) and low speed of Citemex’s vibratory hammer on site; they realized they would never meet Walmart’s schedule.

That’s when they called APE to come to the rescue.

Citemex had sent a PTC 30H2 with 30 kg*m eccentric moment and twice the weight of our APE 150T (also a 30 kg*m eccentric moment vibro), but the PTC could not even drive the piles to half the depth (6 m) even with pre-drilling.

So APE decided to send the APE 150T with our patented technology of tugsten on the eccentrics, a velocity of up to 1800 vpm, and an amplitud of up to 20 mm. The same eccentric moment hammer but with less weight, more speed, and more amplitude.

On the 1st day, the APE 150T drove (5) piles to depth. By the end of the 2nd day, Citemex drove (15) piles in a 12 hour shift.

From there on it was piece of cake…

Citemex finished their project in the expected time and now he is a loyal customer of APE.

You are probably wondering how can the same size vibro, relatively speaking, can outdrive the other one in the same soil conditions?

APE prides in developing equipment with technologies that go far beyond our customer’s expectations, and that is why APE is the Leader Manufacturer of Piledriving Equipment in the World.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Franki Segura with your project specifications.

Like my good friend Steve Cress would say…Cheers! And till next time…

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