Have you ever had been faced with a vibratory hammer job where the vibration from the hammer does alot of damage to the surounding structures or soils? How about historical buildings or inside plants or mills or around housing areas that are considered extremly vibration sensitive areas? Well APE has the answer! APE’s complete line of Variable Moment vibratory hammers.

The APE branches around the world can help you size & choose the right variable moment vibratory hammer to fit your projects needs. From the smallest the APE 120VM to the largest APE 250VM we have you covered.

These hammers are known and recommended by agencies like The US Army Corps of Engineers, All of the D.O.T agencies across the USA as well as all branches of the milatery. Customers can’t belive what they can do with virtualy no surounding vibration! As these hammers become more known by the piledriving industry the demand is more and more.  Contact your local APE branch if you think you have a upcoming job that this will be the tool of choice. GO APE!

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