As Arq. Andres Rivera had suspected and experienced in the 1st major expansion Grupo Indi succesfully completed at The Port of Lazaro Cardenas back in 2005; the soil conditions were unpredictably tough.

Due to it’s geographical location (between the river and the Atlantic Ocean), the soils consist of thick layers of fine sands combined with cohesive clays, gravel, and boulders.

Their PTC 60 HD was working at maximum capacity and  still could not drive or extract the 1.6m diameter, 3/4” wall, 18m long temporary sleeves used to contain the soils.

Due to lack of capacity of their 150 ton crane and limited weight restriction on the platforms it stand, getting a bigger vibro was not an option.

They needed a similar size vibro with more driving force and extra pulling force able to withstand the use and abuse of this difficult soils.

Luckily, Arq. Rivera had already heard about THE YELLOW APE that had been taking over the territory of Mexico, annihilating the competition one job at a time.

After carefully considering and experiencing the challenges at the jobsite, our expert piledriving engineers decided to send a modified APE 200-6 with an 1050 HP Power Unit able to put out 2200 rpm @ 5000 psi for an approximate frequency of 1750 cpm, which in turn put out as much as 287 tons of driving force and 167 tons of pulling force. Now the PTC 60HD lies on the floor looking @ at THE YELLOW APE work its ass off…

How does APE make a similar size vibro put out almost double the driving force and double the extraction force?

It takes years and years of innovation, engineering, and patented technology.

Now, Arq. Andrés Rivera is confident he will finish his project on time for Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón to come inaugurate on October 31st what will be the Port handling more TEUS of all Mexico. GO APE! KEEP IT COMING GRUPO INDI!


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