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Product Types / Hydraulic Impact Hammers (HIH)

Hydraulic Impact Hammers (HIH)

APE hydraulic impact hammers are made for short head room operations. They incorporate a patent pending hydraulic cylinder that lifts the ram from the bottom, thus eliminating the need for a tall hammer. Rams are one peice. There are no sensors to break due to a new check valve system developed by APE.

APE designed and built the first real low headroom hydraulic impact hammer in response to California’s 1989 earthquake. The proceeding seismic retrofit repairs meant that thousands of piles, some over 100 feet long, had to be driven underneath existing bridges demanding equipment that could drive the piles and minimize splicing. The job called for very short hammers. APE designed an impact hammer that features a Patented, US-006557649, hydraulic cylinder that connects through the center of the ram above the impact point. This technique greatly reduces the overall height of any comparable hammer by more than half. APE’s low headroom technology has revolutionized pile driving, as contractors have discovered they can drive longer piles without splicing and welding. Since then, the APE hydraulic impact hammer has evolved into a full line of tools including the largest hydraulic impact hammer made in North America.

Engineered for long-term investment value and maximum ownership utilization

  • All J&M hydraulic impact hammers operate with a patented 100% hydraulic, infinitely variable stroke control system. On the J&M hammers, you will find no troublesome electrical connections, fragile sensors or complex computer controls.
  • All J&M hydraulic impact hammers have a super-tough, single-piece, ferro-chromium alloy forged ram to eliminate segmental ram separation or ram point failures.
  • All J&M hydraulic impact hammers utilize a time-proven and ultra-rugged 4-column tensioned cable connected design.
  • All J&M hydraulic impact hammers have a patented hydraulic ram cycle control system that eliminates energy-robbing backpressure and ensures maximum energy to the pile.
  • All J&M hammers are built with hard-chromed columns and self-lubricating nylon ram bearings to minimize friction and maximize transferred energy.
  • Supplied with environment friendly non-toxic biodegradable hydraulic oil.
  • Remote electric pendant control includes engine speed control for fuel efficiency and emergency engine stop for personnel safety. Duplicate full-function controls on panel eliminate downtime from accidental damage.
  • Optional radio remote control provides total operator freedom of movement.
  • Highest quality Dennison gear pump in time proven reliable open-loop hydraulic system ensure maximum efficiency, maximum reliability and simpler, quicker unit serviceability.
  • Optional digital radio energy monitoring system measures and records delivered energy for every blow but does not effect the otherwise 100% hydraulic control and operating system.
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