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Product Types / Wick Drivers

Bottom Drive™ Wick Drain Drivers

APE has made an excellent Microsoft PowerPoint slide show of the evolution of wick drain installation equipment. The CD is packed full of pictures of static rigs, vibro rigs, and vibro rigs with chain drives. See excavator wick drain rigs from all over the world. Learn of the many different types of wick drain. The power point presentation is loaded with action video showing the new APE bottom drive equipment. If you want to learn more about wick drains then you must see this CD.

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Wick Drain Presentation
APE Model 28 Wick Bottom Drive Video

You can now view directly online the APE Wick Drain Machine Power Point Presentation. This presentation is what you will get on the Wick Drain CD, without the video footage. To see the video, you'll need to request a copy of the Wick Drain CD. Just click on the CD cover image below. The presentation is fairly large, and you may want to save it to your own computer, rather than opening it directly. Click the picture below to download the Power Point presentation.

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Specifications may vary due to site conditions, specific hammer conditions or product set up. Specifications may change without notice.
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