APE has a Tandem 150 Vibratory Driver Extractor and a 9.5a Hydraulic Impact Hammer (HIH) making some noise under the Queens Way overpassing. Carl Killebrew and his crew from AM Classic Constructors out of Granada Hills California has been working the job driving more than 300 steel piles at 0.75″x24″x20′ stacked four and five layers high that will be used to reinforce the the overpass above South Harbor Scenic Drive. The city is concerned that the overpass could be susceptible to damage in the case of earth quakes and requires more reinforcement than it was originally engineered for. The Tandem 150 Low-Headroom setup works well for driving the piles quickly until more elastic soils are encounter, at that point the 9.5a Low-Headroom setup steps in running at 2.75 ft of stroke teamed with a 16,000 lb ram to finish the job off.

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