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American Piledriving Equipment (APE) is the world's leader in research and development, production and sales of foundation construction equipment. APE produces the world's largest pile drivers, and has offices in every corner of the United States, Asia, and has distribution worldwide. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will find the information and resources valuable.

APE News From Around the World

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News Image: http://www.americanpiledriving.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/OCEAN-NOISE-GREENPEACE-REPO-1-225x225.jpg

An Evaluation of the Impacts of Specific Anthropogenic

It is well established that certain anthropogenic noises have a severe effect on whales. Many sounds that humans introduce into the sea today are without precedent in the evolutionary history of marine mammals and other ocean life. Seismic testing associated with oil and gas exploration, military SONAR, and other industrial sources of ocean noise have injured or killed dolphins and whales in many instances. Additionally, behavioral impacts can also be severe, with animals interrupting feeding, nursing, or reproductive activity to flee from disruptive or painful sounds. There is also evidence that whales may be subject to “masking,” where some types of noises interfere with their ability to communicate with each other. As the military and industrial producers of these sounds are required by law in some countries to prevent impacts to marine mammals, there has been considerable debate and litigation in response to this continuing problem. Various mitigation schemes have been proposed, but they have not proven effective in eliminating harm to whales. Despite a wealth of information demonstrating the need to address multiple characteristics of sound, such as form, frequency, and periodicity, mitigation levels have thus far focused only on signal amplitude, or volume. Many of the studies have also been focused on physiological thresholds such as “threshold shift” using sinusoidal-derived signals which may not accurately reflect the types of anthropogenic noises to which whales are

News Image: http://www.americanpiledriving.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Craney-130-1-225x225.jpg

Us Wick Drain Drives It Home With The Largest Marine Wick Drain Job In The World

US WICK DRAIN a Leland NC based company has just completed the largest marine barge installation wick drain project that has ever been done in the world. This project is part of the first phases of construction for a new port facility at “Craney Island” in Norfolk Virginia. US WICK DRAIN under direction of president Mark Palmatier installed 12,150,000 lf of wick drains in 6 months using the APE wick drain installation machines. Now that’s 6 months with 2 rigs 24 hours a day 6 days a week! That’s a lot of wick drains. The longest wick drains were 150 ft. in length. Great Lakes dredging dumped a drainage layer of sand in the proposed wick drain area with hopper barges. The wicks will be placed and more sand dumped on top of them. In order to place the wick drains in the correct locations on the water 2 barges had to be converted to have a grid all the way through the decks of the barges using steel pipe from the top deck all the way through the bottom. Each barge had a wick drain machine / rig on the deck. The barges would be surveyed into position and secured in position, and then each machine would go down the deck installing a wick drain in each provided hole. Once these wick drains are installed and pre-loaded the engineers predict they will have about 21 feet of settlement. These wicked areas will support a series of dikes for the new Craney Island port. If wick drains were not used the dikes would constantly be settling and would have to be maintained at a large

News Image: http://www.americanpiledriving.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/M200V-1-225x225.jpg

Dozens of APE 200 Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractors Rushed to UAE


APE Austria has begun a massive shipment of new APE Model 200 vibratory pile driver/extractors to the UAE. This is in response to recent electronic and overheating of our competition's so-called new units in hot weather conditions. APE machines are will known for their simplicity and ability to handle both the hot Saudi Arabian sun and the cold of Alaska. The secret is our unique kidney loop cooling circuit which can be reversed in cold weather.

APE units come with massive heat exchangers and a special kidney loop oil cooling system that keeps the machine running even in 125 degree temperatures. APE developed a simple electrical system to mate with the advanced Tier III CAT engines. We avoided adding fancy touch screen panels that are subject to code failures that shut the unit down and require re-programming to get started again. APE machines are simple yet advanced. Our hydraulic gauges are old school simple yet our CAT Electronics are fuel efficient.

Our power units feature a built-in spare hydraulic tank, CAT Tier III engine, Super Heavy Duty radiator and oil cooler, kidney loop oil system, all stainless steel control panels, tachometer in the remote pendant (found only on APE machines) tool box with spare jaws and hoses and tools to do all the maintenance work and a 5 year warranty.

The APE 200 has the world's greatest lifting capacity, heavy metal eccentrics, h

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