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How a Vibratory Driver/Extractor Works

Basic Operation

Vibratory driver/extractors are used to drive or extract pipes, sheet piles and various pile profiles unto or out of the ground. As the pile is vibrated, the surrounding soil vibrates, reducing the resistance between the pile and surrounding soil. This method of driving pilings is simpler; it can be done quickly and economically. APE vibratory driver/extractors vibrate at a high frequency and very low noise level. This creates a safer working environment and reduces risk of damage to adjacent houses and buildings.

The Suppressor Housing

Mounted on top of the gear box are sets of rubber suppressors that prevent the vibration from reaching the crane line.

The Gearbox

The vibratory pile driver/extractor generates a vertical oscillating movement created by timed, rotating eccentrics in a gearbox to create only up and down motion at high speed

The Clamp Attachment

Mounted on the bottom of the gearbox is the clamp attachment which grips the pile and allows the vibro to drive or extract the pile.

APE has developed the most advanced vibros in the world through innovation and commitment to quality and simplicity.

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