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Equations Needed in Pile Driving

Comprehensive Conversion

Equation for Calcuating the Weight of a Pipe Pile per Foot:

Non-Metric: (OD - wall thickness) x (wall thickness) x 10.69 = lbs per foot

Example for 30 inch pipe piles with a 1/2 wall thickness:

30 - .5 = 29.5 X .5 = 14.75 X 10.69 = 157.677 lbs per foot

Metric: OD(Outside diameter) in m x 3.14 x wall thickness in m x casing length in m x density 7.8

APE Pile Calculator

This calculator has been designed to provide the weight per foot and total weight of a steel pipe pile given the three inputs below.

Outer Diameter (in): 

Wall Thickness (in): 

Pile Length (ft): 

Equation for converting Foot-Pounds to Joules:

Multiply the foot-pounds by 1.356

And the reverse - Joules to Foot-Pounds:

Multiply the joules by 0.7376

Amplitude Equations for Vibros

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