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About American Piledriving Equipment Inc.

American Piledriving Equipment Inc. has a unique way of doing business in the deep foundation construction industry. We devise, manufacture, load, and ship our own products. We don’t rely on distributors; we rent and sell directly to the contractor. We get our equipment to the job site and we set it up. We get our people in the field where they can help and learn.

From design to production to installation, APE professionals are involved.

APE is committed to providing outstanding products and service, and being on the job site is crucial to upholding this commitment. We learn first hand what problems need to be addressed for a particular job before going to the engineering table to solve them. Since our machining and fabrication facilities are in-house, we have the flexibility to respond to job situations almost instantly. Transforming a good idea into a job site reality is our specialty.

This is the key to APE’s successful research and development program, making us the industry leader in patents issued worldwide.


The APE Vibro Revolution

APE revolutionized the vibrator pile driver/extractor in 1990 with the introduction of the APE Model 150. Over a decade later, this revolutionary device is still the industry gold standard. The Model 150's patented technology includes a multistage suppressor for greater line pull, one-piece enhanced heavy metal eccentric weight and gear, and height/weight adaptability for extreme job conditions. The Model 150 Vibro, in technological sophistication and durability, is still light years ahead of the competition.


APE Vibrator Eccentric/Gear

The introduction of the one-piece gear and eccentric weight eliminated unwanted bolts and connections inside the vibrator gearbox. The unique eccentric/gear incorporates helical cut gears that are final cut using a patented procedure that provides perfect timing and balance between all eccentrics. APE gearboxes have 50% less parts than the nearest competitor, dramatically improving serviceability and life.


APE Heavy Metal Technology

Another result of APE's drive to create more simplified, serviceable, and efficient products is the development of the heavy metal enhanced eccentric. Each eccentric is filled with two solid lead or tungsten bars, giving them more mass. This extra mass allows one eccentric to do the work of two, thus eliminating bearings, shafts, and other components. APE's "T" vibrators (tungsten enhanced) are the most powerful machines money can buy.


APE Hydraulic Impact Hammer Technology

APE introduced the USA to Junttan hydraulic impact hammers. In response to demand for short hammers needed to retrofit work under earthquake damaged bridges, APE developed its own line of hydraulic impact hammers. APE hydraulic impact hammers feature a patent pending double walled lifting cylinder that raises the ram from the bottom.

This new technology reduces the overall height, making the APE hydraulic hammer the shortest impact hammer on the market today. APE low headroom hydraulic impact hammers are revolutionizing the way contractors drive piles. The short design reduces pile splicing and allows the driving of longer piles.


The Big Hammer

APE makes the largest hydraulic impact hammer in the United States. We designed our big impact hammers to run from the same power units as our Model 400 and Model 600 vibratory driver/extractors. The new APE hydraulic impact hammers incorporate tiny micro electronic technology, eliminating the need for bulky container-size power units and control rooms.


The APE Diesel Revolution

In May of 1997, APE caused another revolution with the introduction of German designed diesel hammers manufactured in Shanghai, China. These time-proven, single acting diesel hammers are higher in quality, and lower in cost, than any other diesel on the market.

All APE diesel hammers feature remote hydraulic controlled fuel pumps, fast-remove trip systems, and in-line fuel filters. Each come with a warranty package that is more than twice as long as any other in the industry. In addition, APE is the only manufacturer to demand alignment. This ensures maximum energy transfer to the piling.

All APE diesel hammers are equipped to operate with bio-diesel fuel, which helps them run cleaner and start faster than any other diesel hammer on the market.

APE diesel hammers remain the best value on the market by any standard. Constant developments by our engineering team continue to keep APE a step ahead of the competition.


APE Drive Caps and Inserts for Impact Hammers

APE manufactures a full line of drive caps and inserts for any type of piling. APE drive caps and inserts are fully machined on all striking surfaces. This provides superior energy transfer to the pile and prevents premature wear of the hammer. APE drive caps accept inserts from all major manufacturers. However, for proper alignment we recommend using only APE made components. APE also offers machining services to upgrade your existing drive caps and inserts.


Striker Plates

APE striker plates are made twice as thick as our competition to prevent bending or cracks. Each striker plate is fully machined on all surfaces and comes complete with drilled and tapped holes on both sides for easy loading and shipment.


Cushion Material

APE offers cushion material such as conbest, aluminum, and high-density nylon cushion material.


APE Direct Fluid-to-Torque Auger Drills

APE introduced cam track technology to the augured-cast-in-place piling industry in 1993 when it converted a state-of-the-art Poclain hydraulic radial piston motor into a drilling tool. The compact motor, with its revolutionary cam track roller pistons, needed only a hollow shaft and stronger bearings in order to revolutionize the top drive auger industry. No drill on the market today has the crowd force capacity of the APE drill.

The cam track technology converts hydraulic fluid directly to torque without the aid of gears or planetary drives. No bull gears can be found on the APE system, thereby avoiding the efficiency losses that plaque the gear reduction systems.

The APE drill is rugged, self-lubricating, and requires no maintenance. It can handle the abuse caused by down-the-hole hammers and it can even withstand the impact of telescoping Kelly bar applications.


APE is the Largest User of Vegetable Hydraulic Oil

In 1990, APE was the first to introduce pile driving and deep foundation equipment equipped with vegetable hydraulic oil. We are now the largest user of vegetable hydraulic oil in the USA. Our power units are designed with built-in spare oil tanks to replenish the main tank should a spill occur. APE has determined that its vegetable hydraulic oil provides even better quality and performance than the most expensive petrochemical hydraulic oils. Our entire rental fleet operates on vegetable oil. Of course, APE equipment owners may use whatever oil they desire. They overwhelmingly choose 100% biodegradable oil because they know that spills of any other type of oil are extremely costly. We choose to use vegetable oil because it makes sense environmentally and economically.


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