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Product Types / Diesel Hammers

APE Diesel Impact Hammers

APE maintains the largest fleet of single acting diesel hammers available anywhere. We stock spare parts for all of our Models from the D1 all the way to the D320. APE parts fit as replacement parts for German built Delmag hammers. In addition, we stock replacement parts for Delmag diesel hammers for nearly every series. Our parts pricing has dramatically reduced operating costs for contractors across America. All of our hammers and parts come with the longest warranty in the business.

APE diesel hammers were originally manufactured as part of a joint venture between Delmag-Maschinenfabrik and Shanghai Engineering Machine Works (SEMW). The original contract can be viewed and printed out for all to see by clicking here, which clearly shows that these hammers have been made since 1984 in Shanghai, China. The hammers have evolved over time, for more details on what the naming stands for, check out our "What Does the Name Mean?" page.

In May of 1997, Delmag lost its relationship with SEMW. APE then started making its hammers at the SEMW factory in China under the APE name. Delmag filed for bankruptcy protection in 1998.

APE hammers remain true to the original German design, but have added new features to the diesel hammer line. These include new models such as the D1, D36-26, D50, D70, D125, and larger hammers. We have exceeded the metallurgical requirements of the piston and therefore our warranty is longer. We also have added a Variable Throttle Fuel Control and newer updated injectors.

We constantly seek to improve the product line. All of the latest improvements are included in our latest -52 series hammers, which are the most advanced diesel hammers in the world.

Click here for Specifications and Bearing Charts for all -42 Series Diesel Hammers.

Click here for the Specifications for -32 Series Diesel Hammers and all other Versions.

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