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Product Types / Vibratory Drivers & Extractors

Vibratory Drivers and Extractors

Below is table for all production model Vibratory Driver Extractors that APE and J&M produces. Each link will take you to the detailed specifications for the specified model. If you have any questions please call the APE Headquarters in Washington at (800) 248-8498. Business hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time. If you would like to contact us via email, please visit our Contact Request Form.

Warranty Information

Features and Benefits of the APE Vibratory Hammer

Features and Benefits of the APE Silverback Vibratory Hammer

APE Vibratory Hammer Safety Precautions - Safety Sticker Information

APE Two Stage Suppressor vs. the Vibration Dampener

American Piledriving Equipment has made a name in the piledriving industry with its cutting edge advancements in technology over competitors. The bulleted list below describes a few of the benefits you can expect when choosing an APE Vibratory Driver Extractor for you construction project:

  • One piece gear/eccentric eliminates fasteners inside the gearbox
  • Heavy Metal technology raises energy for more amplitude
  • Multistage suppressor doubles line pull at a 1/3 of the hammer weight
  • Bolt on suppressors adjust the height and weight to job site need.
  • Helical cut gears add precision to the gear strength and eccentric speed
  • Spherical bearings allow the vibro to handle side loads on batter piles
  • Vibro can be used horizontally for stuck horizontal casing
  • Field designed assembly makes maintaining APE products simple and easy
  • Gun drilled top plate and manifolds eliminate unnecessary hydraulic hoses
  • O-ring sealed gearbox makes transition to underwater operations easy
  • Vegetable hydraulic oil reduces environmental impact and fines if a spill occurs
  • Long term warranty protection provides security on the investment

The APE Vibro Revolution

APE revolutionized the vibratory pile driver/extractor in 1990 with the introduction of the APE Model 150. Almost two decades later, this revolutionary device is still the industry gold standard. The Model 150’s patented technology includes a multistage suppressor for greater line pull, one piece enhanced heavy metal eccentric weight and gear, and height/weight adaptability for extreme job conditions. The Model 150 Vibro, in technological sophistication and durability, is still light years ahead of the competition.

APE Vibrator Eccentric/Gear

The introduction of the one-piece gear and eccentric weight eliminated unwanted bolts and connections inside the vibrator gearbox. The unique eccentric/gear incorporates helical cut gears that are final cut using a patented procedure that provides perfect timing and balance between all eccentrics. APE gearboxes have 50% less parts than the nearest competitor, dramatically improving serviceability and life.

APE Heavy Metal Technology

Another result of APE’s drive to create more simplified, serviceable, and efficient products is the development of the heavy metal enhanced eccentric. Each eccentric is filled with two solid lead or tungsten bars, giving them more mass. This extra mass allows one eccentric to do the work of two, thus eliminating bearings, shafts, and other components. APE’s “T” vibrators (tungsten enhanced) are the most powerful machines money can buy.

Low Headroon Driver/Extractors

APE Low headroom vibratory pile driver/extractors are designed to allow the contractor to drive full-length piles under bridges or inside buildings. This system was created to solve low headroom issues for seismic retrofit applications. Twin vibrators are mounted on a common steel plate with a passage in the center to allow the pile to pass through. A massive jaw pivots open like a gate, allowing the pile crew to come in from the side to attach the machine to the pile.

Tandem Driver/Extractors

Tandem vibratory driver/extractors allow for the installation of high mass casings. APE’s constant innovation has developed a method for joining multiple hammers together to match the casing and soil conditions for any job. From the World’s largest vibratory driver/extractor to the original low headroom vibro, APE will always be your source for the solutions that work.

Variable Moment Technology

A vibratory driver extractor with Variable Moment Technology has the capability to produce no amplitude, or moment (energy), when the hammer is started and stopped. This is much different from standard vibratory driver extractor creates amplitude during the starting/stopping process. Learn more about it here: How a Variable Moment Vibro works!

J&M Vibratory Driver Extractors are the embodiment of innovation in vibration teamed with exceptional speed durability and value, plus a wide range of models, ensuring profitability for every job type.

Standard Vibratory Driver / Extractors:

  • 30 years of innovation and refinement ensure reliability
  • Variable frequency, weight & line pull for job matching
  • Vibrator moment optimized for available horsepower
  • Largest selection of clamps and accessories in the industry
  • Forged high alloy gears are precision ground
  • On hammer brake minimizes boom shake
  • High efficiency, bent axis, piston motors
  • Gun drilling and machined manifolds eliminate leaks
  • Proper bearings and lubrication insure long life
  • Open loop hydraulics for efficiency and reliability
  • Quickly adaptable for underwater or low head room applications
  • Remote speed control and emergency stop on pendant
  • Clamp cylinders machined from solid & include lock valve
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