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APE Model 24 Concrete Clamp

For driving and extracting wood or concrete pilesThe APE Model 24 wood/concrete clamp is a super heavy duty clamp with ten years of engineerig refinement Standard opening is set to fit up to 24 inch concrete piles and has been expanded to 40 inch concrete piles Can drive or extract wood piles, concrete piles, concrete filled pipe piles, and 12 3/4 pipe piles The patented articulating jaw automatically adjusts to different sizes of piles Fits all APE, ICE, and MKT vibros. Can be made to fit any type of vibro Special clamps have been made to extend down further on the pile in cases where the top of the pile is in poor condition Patented window allows crane operator and crew to see the pile being extracted patented built in anvil allows driving of piles without damage to vibro gear box Super heavy duty cylinder has 7 inch thick rod for rugged operation.

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