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APE Centerline Clamp

APE's new "Center Drive" attachment clamp is the only clamp that automatically centers the pile directly under the vibro, regardless of diameter. Two giant giant jaws pivot to the center while being perfectly timed by two large gears. Even if every pile is a different diameter, this clamp makes sure that your vibro fits directly centered over the pile. This clamp also automatically adjusts to the crane boom angle to prevent the operator from breaking the piles during extraction. Cast wood pile jaws are also designed for pipe piles.

Our new design solves many problems associated with all other clamps on the market:

  • Positions pile directly under vibro for excellent driving and extraction ability.
  • Can drive and extract small diameter pipe piles that are too small for standard caisson clamp attachments.
  • Special pivoting jaws self align. Crane operator can boom up or down and clamp will automatically adjust.
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