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APE Model 20, 50, 150, 200, & 400T Universal Clamps

Clamp attachments adapt a vibrator to fit a pile type, whether it be an H-Beam, steel and concrete sheet pile, pipe pile, etc. Most vibratory pile driver/extractors come equipped with a standard universal clamp that has the ability to fit double sheet piles and H-beams. This same universal clamp can also be quickly adapted to fit flat plates or small diameter pipe piles simply by changing the jaws.

APE clamp castings are made from ASTM 148 steel and are then heat treated for maximum strength with minimum weight. APE makes attachments for all types of piles. All APE attachments use the same exact mounting bolt so the contractor does not experience a mixup and delays in the field due to improper bolt length or size. The clamp cylinder is machined from a solid block of steel to elimnate weldments and unwanted seals. A safety check valve keeps the jaws closed even if there is a hose failure. A close look at the APE clamp system will show that it is loaded with features and benefits that clearly demonstrate APE’s dedication to quality over price.

Model 20 Universal Clamp

Model 50 Universal Clamp

Model 150 Universal Clamp

Model 200 Universal Clamp

Model 400T Universal Clamp

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