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Product Types / Diesel Hammers

APE Diesel Impact Hammers: What Does the Name Mean?

The APE D-series hammer was invented and patented in the late 30’s in Germany. The “D” designation means Diesel hammer. The following numbers are the ram weight in metric tons. The properties are the most important within the model number as it explains the basic physical property of that specific model.

Depending upon the age of the hammer there may be a “dash” after the D and the ram weight. Everything after the dash describes the series of that model number. As these hammers have been around for many years, over time, modifications and upgrades have been added to the hammers. These modifications and upgrades never affect the specific ram weight which is the only thing that really matters when specifying a D-series hammer for a job. The changes are for service reasons and are meant to aid in the ordering of parts and guide a technician for the proper servicing and troubleshooting of the specific hammer size. For example, a D8-22 and a D8-32 have the same ram weight but the 32 has a self-priming lube pump eliminating a previous service issue. The D8-32 and D8-42 have the same ram weight and lube pump. The -42 has a bolt on catch ring making it easier to work on in the field.

Additionally, when a customer calls to order parts for a hammer and does not have a manual for it at the time, everything after the dash helps the customer and parts department to assure that the parts ordered will be the right ones as per the series number of that model.

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