APE has had a long lasting commitment to discovering new ways to benefit the foundation market and the needs of our customers. After extensive R&D we are excited to release the Polar Penetrator series of specialized drill bits. These bits are designed to be run with air that is fed through cutouts in the bits base, the air is ushered through these ports to the cutter face in order keep the cutting plain clear and working hard to reach your final depth. The Polar Penetrator bits can make quick work of frozen dense clays and tundra, as well as tightly consolidated silts and sands of drier climates. These bits will counteract the balling effect that plugs up other forms of drilling and will show less wear due to the quick evacuation of the cuttings away from the teeth. Not to cut short the advantages presented by the traditional CFA, Drag, Tri-cone and Pressure Digger bits, but this bit will add a formidable tool to your arsenal in the war against unforgiving soils. APE’s HD line of drills are a great option to run these bits coupled with our custom Quickloc Drill Stems.

Please take a moment CLICK HERE view the attached link to find out more about APE’s new addition to our foundation and drilling tools.


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