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Glossary of Piledriving and Foundation Construction Terms

Welcome to the APE Gloassary for piledriving and foundation construction terms. This is a great place to look for terms that you may be unfamiliar with when working with or researching piledriving technologies. This glossary also contains terms unrelated to piledriving, but that are frequently used on and around foundation construction projects. If you have a question or have term that you would like to add and do not know who to call please contact the APE Headquarters in Washington at (800) 248-8498. Business hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time. For less immediate inquiries, or if you would like an APE sales representitive to get in contact with you, please visit the APE Contact Request Form.

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Letter K

Karst A geologic setting where cavities are developed in massive limestone beds by solution on flowing water. Also called Carstic limestone.
Kelly Bar A square or splined shaft which can slide vertically through a square or splined opening in a rotary driving head to turn an auger or drill bit; for a drilling rig which drives from top the Kelly bar may be a smooth cylinder.
Kentledge Term used for reaction weights for test loading. Also called caisson weights or load-test weights.
Key A beveled strip of wood or metal placed in the form where future pours occur.
Key Way A groove left in the concrete by removal of the key, tying the next pour to the first.
Kicker See Brace.
Kilonewton S.I. (System International) unit of force equal to 0.2248 kips.
King Kong Slang term for APE's Model 400 Vibratory Driver/Extractor, also see Super Kong.
King Pile 1. The center pile in a dolphin or cluster of piles usually with the top higher than the adjacent piles to hold lines from a ship.
2. Added support for a precast concrete or steel sheet pile wall.
Kink Sharp bend in a wire rope that permanently distorts the wires and strands.
Kip A force unit equal to 1,000 lbs.
Knee Brace A short diagonal brace used to connect a batter brace or a vertical post in a span to an overhead strut.

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