APE China recently successfully produced it’s first 1050HP Power unit engine to operate an APE 200-6 modified hammer.  In China many customers are using a technique to drive concrete piles by pulling down on the top of the upper suppressor housing using a winch that is hooked to the bottom of their rig.  This is the 3rd modified rig we have used in China.  The purpose is to drive a near 8″ thick can through the ground which eventually will be filled with concrete, then extracted out of the ground.  It takes about 1 hour to drive a 100 foot pile, install re-bar, pump concrete, then extract using an APE model 200.  APE hammers can easily do 10 piles per day during the day time while our electric hammer competitor can only do a max of 4.

The picture shown here is driving 104 ft cassions X 3.5 feet diameter.


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