Lane Construction has been chosen as the design/build contractor for a new bridge over the Indian River in Titusville, Florida. The new bridge is named The Maxwell Brewer Bridge, construction began on June 1.
This 3100-ft long, 4-lane bridge will replace a 2-lane drawbridge which is over 50 years old. The new bridge will eliminate traffic congestion; while speeding hurricane evacuation of the nearby Kennedy Space Center and the surrounding areas including the nudist colony at nearby Canaveral Beach.
The foundations for the bridge and approaches include 64 – 36” square piles over 200 feet long each. There are also 84 – 30” square piles of the same length and 118 – 24” piles. The 36” and the 30” piles are all spliced piles. A spliced pile is usually more difficult to drive correctly because the permitted stress specifications are reduced by approximately 50%. To prevent overstressing the pile, the energy going into the pile from the hammer must be strictly controlled. Lane has chosen an APE D-125 diesel hammer for the 36” piles and an APE D-100 diesel hammer for the 30”. An APE D-62 will drive the 24” piles.
The diesel hammers feature the hydraulic start mechanism and the APE hydraulic fuel system. This system permits finite stroke height control which translates into excellent pile stress reduction.
In addition to the diesel hammers, the project will employ APE vibros for the sheet piling and pile template construction. An APE Model 75 hydraulic earth auger will be used to pre-drill for the 24” piles under the approach slabs.
Lane’s bridge superintendent, Paul Roux states: “ We look to APE to assist us with our pile driving. APE equipment arrives at the jobsite properly prepared, performs flawlessly and, if a problem comes up, APE service technicians always provide prompt and effective product support at the jobsite. Project downtime is minimized.”
Pile installation will continue for the balance of 2009 and should be completed by the end of the year. APE will be there to offer support if needed.

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