Penny Sisson, Office Manager and Wally Brumsey, Southeast Sales Representative worked with Mark Guin with Scott Bridge regarding the CSXT Mobile River Bridge project in Alabama. The APE Service team, especially Felton Wells,  spent a good amount of time installing and starting up the equipment with the customer. Here we have some pictures and good words from Mark Guin in regards to the APE equipment Scott Bridge used on the job:

Here is the Kong getting ready. The second picture is the entire bridge that was built and stored on the pilings we were trying to get out. Look at the size of the crane next to the new bridge and it puts it in perspective. The third picture is an aerial of the same. The fourth pic is the original turning type bridge between the towers that are going to raise up and down vertically the new bridge. The fifth is the old bridge turned to allow river traffic. The last picture is the new bridge put in place. The two locations are 6 miles apart.  At any rate thanks for all your help. It is great to work with folks like yourself and Wally.

A big thanks to the APE team down in Florida and Mark Guin for providing the pictures and commentary, we hope to do more business with Scott Bridge in the future. Wally Brumsey sends a special thanks to Mike Cribbs and Felton Wells for a job well done.