EP Jarrett Foundation Construction is all about quality. Every project that they tackle is a job worth seeing. They do their work with precision and they use APE as their foundation equipment supplier because APE delivers precision equipment.

Working on a Caltrans project on HWY 165 just North of Los Banos California Mike and Ed Cuneo tackle a job with some interesting parameters. Working off of a failed existing structure while using heavy equipment is enough to make anyone work softly, especially when working at the limit. The Cuneo boys from EP Jarrett are up for the challenge. Installing 36” diameter CISS pile 130’ deep, using an APE D100-42 diesel hammer while working off of a scoured bridge was a challenge that is never taken lightly, and EP Jarrett Foundation went at it with precision.

The piles got started with an APE 200 Vibratory Driver Extractor with caisson beam and clamps ensuring the exact location of the CISS pile. After the APE 200 Vibratory Driver Extractor finished its job the D100-42 single acting diesel hammer took over to finish the driving of the 130’ long 36” diameter pipe pile, then the pipe was drilled out 100’ deep and the rebar cage was dropped into position ready to be filled with concrete.

At the end of the day, when the sun goes down, The gang from EP Jarrett can go home with pride in a job well done!