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Piledriving and Foundation Construction Links [E]

Welcome to APE's database for piledriving and foundation construction links. This is a valuable resource for anyone in the construction industry who needs to get a job done and may not have someone in mind.

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  1. E-Foundation:
    Concrete pile repair work
  2. Earth Pressure Cells
    Device that can be cast into piles to read bearing capacity
  3. Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
    see failed foundations from around the world
  4. Econ International
    Singapore bored pile and foundation company
  5. ElSIB
    Research-and-production amalgamation ELSIB is one of the leading plants of heavy electric machine industry.
  6. Ensoft Inc.
    Ensoft, Inc., was established in Austin, Texas in 1985 with the principal aim of developing and applying computer-based solutions to complex engineering problems.
    Manufacturers of Innovative Foundation Equipment
  8. Equipment Corporation of America
    Supplier of pile driving and foundation equipment
  9. Erickson Air-Crane
  10. Errickson Equipment
    Stockton NJ company selling bits and hammers
  11. ESOR
    Specialist contractors from 16 European Countries who undertake all types of foundations and other geotechnic processes

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