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Piledriving and Foundation Construction Links [I]

Welcome to APE's database for piledriving and foundation construction links. This is a valuable resource for anyone in the construction industry who needs to get a job done and may not have someone in mind.

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  1. ICE
    normal frequency, high frequency, resonance free, leader guided, excavator mounted and mini's: the REAL ICE
  2. ICE Far East
    This is ICE's Hong Kong operations
  3. ICE Holland
    ICE Holland is an independent vibro manufacturer owned by a European CAT dealer
  4. IHC
    Dutch based pile driving equipment manufacturer
  5. IHC FUNDEX Equipment B.V.
    Specialists in pile driving and drilling equipment
  6. Illinois DOT
    Source for pile projects in Illinois
  7. Imeco Austria
  8. Ingram Equipment
    Hammer broker serving as a world source for pile driving equipment
  9. Insitutech
    Geotechnical engineering services
  10. Instant Foundations
    State of the art screw pile system
  11. International Construction Equipment
  12. International Construction Equipment BV
  13. International Dock Products, Inc.
    Dock supplies including piling caps
  14. International Sheet Piling Company
  15. International Wood Industries, Inc.
    Makes wood cushions for driving concrete piles
  16. Interpipe Inc.
  17. IOEC - Iranian Offshore Engineer and Construction
    They rent IHC hammers

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