JAB Energy Solutions go with A.P.E. in the Gulf of Mexico
When the old way of doing things becomes too difficult and expensive Johnny and Brent Boudreaux of JAB Energy Solutions started to rethink the way knocked over wells are P & A’d (plugged and abandoned) in the Gulf Of Mexico. The current procedures call for massive amounts of excavation on the sea floor of the gulf. Typically, this is done by using large jets and divers to move the mud in order to make access to the knocked over well which is usually bent below the seafloor. The safety issues along with the time and expense of this part of the process is a huge variable when working in deep water and dealing with unknown soil types. To attack this problem JAB designed and fabricated a special reusable can that is 20 ft. in diameter and 40 ft long. This “can” can be driven and used as a coffer dam greatly reducing the area needing excavation allowing for safe access to the well. JAB also built an APE specially designed oversized quad beams 22 ft. in length that weighs over 40,000 lbs, the beams bolt to the bottom of an APE Model 600 vibro ( Super Kong).
The first job for this equipment was done during the week of July 4, 2009. The job took place in 200 ft of water and the soils consisted of stiff clay. The can was driven approx 20 ft into the sea floor and the drive time for this was approximately seven minutes.
Brent Boudreaux, Managing Partner of JAB, had this to say, “APE took on this challenging never done before task and worked with us to come up with a safe and reliable solution. The scope was accomplished without incident in a very tough environment. A task that in the past took two to four days was done in 7 minutes. Hats off to all involved.” Contact Joe Wright or Brad Sullivan at APE Texas with any questions.

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