J.G. Leone & Sons from Atlanta GA. came up north to the “Patapsco Water Treatment” plant in Baltimore MD. to drive miles & miles of steel pipe piles, 45 miles to be exact! Joe Leone SR. knew he would have to drive these piles hard and fast each day to make his tight schedule. Joe called Jimmy Deemer of APE Mid-Atlantic in Virginia Beach VA. to see what they could come up with to achive this goal. APE reccomended their new line of pile rigs the APE Model 85 machine outfitted with a J&M Model 115 hydraulic impact hammer.  These pile rigs are “state of the art” with alot of features no other machines can offer. These piles range in sizes of 12″ dia 14″ dia as well as 24″ dia. All of them are either 50 foot or 55 foot sections and are spliced with a completed length of 100′ or 110′

Joe choose to drive the 1st section with the APE / Nissha rig and come behind it with a crawler crane outfitted with an APE D-50-42 diesel impact hammer and swinging leads to complete the second section. This is an ideal set up for doing what we need to do says Joe Leone SR. The APE D-50-42 diesel impace hammer is another diesel impact hammer only APE can offer to contractors, no other pile equipment supplier has them. Along with Joe Leone SR Joe Leone JR and son John Leone are here to help out with this task. They do anything from running either machine to what ever is needed to be done.  We wish them all the best with a safe & productive project.

Contact your local APE branch to see what they can do for you, on your current job or upcomming job. APE is the largest supplier of pile & foundation equipment in the World …….GO APE!

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