While working in Charlotte, NC one of your 35- AT’s goes down. The good news: you are in the city where your 35-AT was manufactured. So, you make the call for the necessary parts. The bad news: your are told it will be FIVE weeks before you can get your parts. Then someone on your crew remembers that American Piledriving Equipment and J & M Foundation can supply you with parts for your “green” equipment.
Once again, A.P.E. worked together from across the country to get A.D.F. back to work. From FL, to NC, to Seattle, Wa. the A.P.E. team got the parts together on Friday Afternoon and had them on site the next morning. By Saturday Afternoon, A.D.F. was back at work…no FIVE week wait!
American Piledriving Equipment knows the value of teamwork! The “old-timers” at A.P.E. understand this concept and believe in it…anything less is just bad business!
Give us a call and let the A.P.E team work for you!

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