Boy, talk about a touchy subject!
In last months article, “If you cant beat ’em, join ’em”, seems some feathers got ruffled. Well, keep reading, more “ruffling” to come!
The competition has now placed orders for three more A.P.E. 150-T’s for their rental fleet. Another competitor has ordered some 28-35’s and some 44’s for their rental fleet. All of these hammers will eventually end up in Florida.
It should be clear by now that American Piledriving Equipment has proven the statement: we build some of the best piledriving equipment in the world. We know it, our competition knows it, and now, these guys are helping us prove it!
So, as I said before, no matter if your rental hammer is out of Virgina, Kansas, Florida, or anywhere in between, look behind the logos, look beneath, the paint, chances are good that you will find an A.P.E Vibro ready to go to work!
American Piledriving Equipment…we build some of the finest Piledriving Equipment in the world…just ask the competition!

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