Costa Fortuna has taken delivery of  new APE 200T with a 700 HP Power unit for use in the town of Almerim, Brazil on the Amazon River. Our long time Customer is driving 800 and 1200 mm Pipe Pile for Electric Transmission Tower bases, the overall height of the Towers will be 280 meters.

The Pipe Pile are 48 meters long and are driven to 150 ton capacity with some Pile testing over 360 tons. The Pile are started with the APE 200T / 700 and finished with a APE D50-42 Diesel Hammer, in some cases the pile are taken almost to grade and then set checked with the D50-42 to prove Bearing Capacity.

Michele Corda the Equipment Manager for Costa Fortuna was very impressed with the patented APE  two – stage suppressor Housing and it’s ability to dampen Vibration back to their new Liebherr Crane. While using their much older Foster 4150 Vibro the Crane computer would shut down due to the excessive Vibration from the old style Suppressor, not only did that shut down problem stop with the APE 200T but it also outdrove the heavier 4150 with ease at much lower fuel use.