Harkers Island North Carolina is attached to the main land by a small 1/2 mile long bridge. The only electric power that is brought to the island is by means of an older out dated power pole system 200 feet away from the bridge. The currrent poles are aprox. 30 feet long. Some time ago some of the main poles were damaged by a water spout. The power company knew it was time for a much needed update on this system. They decided to install 54″ dia. concrete cylinder piles 56 feet in length for the new poles foundations and use poles 85 feeet in length that are un-guyed. They called “Taylor Brothers Marine” of Beauford North Carolina. TBM knew this was not an off the shelf type job. TBM contacted APE Mid-Atlantic of Virginia Beach, Virginia. APE ‘s engineers reviewed the soils data & job specfications and put togeather an APE D62-42 diesel impact hammer with hydraulic trip / start in a special offshore leader just for driving 54″ cylinder piles. This could’nt have gone any smoother than it did, talk about the right tool for the right job said Julias Taylor & Julias Taylor the 3rd.Why would a contractor use anyone but APE! APE wishes TBM a safe & productive project. Do you have a difficult upcomming job? or any upcomming job, if so contact your nearest APE branch to see what they can do for you……………. GO APE!

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